Covid-19: United we stand, Divided we fall

We have a common emergency to face, finding again the sense of community. Our small world was split in even smaller worlds. Even though we cannot see each other in person, let´s meet this challenge all together. Even though it might look like our lives are suspended, even though we find it hard to accept this sense of unpredictability were wrapped in, it is not the moment to stop. Its the moment to do anything possible, and Digital will be our passe-par-tout.

We strongly believe that this critical period will soon be through. We are EWMD International: we make the difference even in this situation so far from our comfort-zone, aware that this moment is extraordinary. Solidarity and collaboration among the countries are crucial.

Let´s support one another, even though we cannot shake our hands. We must quell the panic, without minimizing justified human fears. The situation we are living is global and is spreading so quickly: it never happened before and involves all of us. If there is something we learnt for it, is that the borders which seem usually so far, in reality are very very near. Let´s stay united. Let´s stay connected.

During these weeks we are experiencing wonderful initiatives at all levels of our network, to respond to the desire for exchange and support. These range from WhatsApp groups to virtual Power Team workshops. Everywhere new ideas are emerging to get in touch with each other. The network can help to develop new business models, share information and advice or exchange experiences. EWMD International will support this need and strengthen the exchange on an international level. More details will follow shortly.