Kerstin Gohl

Since teenager times I have been fascinated by different cultures, lifestyles, mindsets and particularly how to transform this diversity into inspiration for common growth and development.

EWMD gives me exactly this platform: With a strong and international driven member base our network offers exchange, learning journeys and support. When joining EWMD beginning of 2019, I started to engage in smaller projects as coordination of the German Future Calls, the update of the Bavarian subchapter homepage and as part of the mentoring program team. From June 2020 I took over the responsibility of the German National Representative in the International Board. In this role I would like to support the strategic growth of our network, the expansion across borders and the awareness of EWMD. 

Working in different business development, sales and leadership functions I am very happy to bring my experiences into our international board team.

You can count on me, especially when
- things get complex, difficult and agile.
- tasks need structure, focus and drive.
- a big picture and a common team spirit is needed.
- you need someone to join you for dinner and a glass of wine.

Kerstin Gohl

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