EWMD Italy's new National Board


The EWMD Italy National Assembly for the election of the new President took place on MAY 22, in a strictly digital form in order to comply with the emergency regulations.

The members of the Italian Chapter elected with absolute majority Renata Pelati as the new National President and Laura Dalè as the new National Vice President.

Renata, who succeeds the outgoing President Daniela Bandera, has been in EWMD since 2007. An entrepreneur for over 35 years in the world of cosmetics with the Brand Gerard's Cosmetic Culture, she was one of the founders of Femminile Plurale, today LEImprenditrici, a very active technical group at Confindustria level.
"Women," says the newly elected National President, "cannot and must not be left out of the decision-making process, as female skills are one of the crucial forces needed to face the current and future challenges of Italy. We have found that the critical point lies in the difficulty women have in balancing the  loads of private life and work. Our goal as President is to promote a policy system that, in addition to encouraging a fair division of tasks in the management of private life commitments between men and women, provides for the launch of talent development projects aiming to increase female leadership. We want to continue and increase the dialogue with the Institutions, in order to influence actions to achieve gender equality and to support women's participation, and not least to expand the network of EWMD delegations on the national territory and the presence of companies within us".

At her side Laura Dalè, architect-engineer and teacher of History of Art, owner of the Architecture Studio Building Design, Public Spaces, Interior & Site Safety in Brescia. She was first Secretary and then Vice President of the Order of Architects of Brescia and President of the Equal Opportunities Commission OAPPC. She has been with EWMD since 2010 and served as President of the Brescia Chapter until April 2021.
"Our program - says the new National Vice-President - is, above all, a journey that needs a constant commitment to achieve "gender equality" because nothing can be considered acquired if we are not able to propose role models, organizational structures and people able to support this change that must necessarily be also cultural. Women's voice is fundamental and necessary to change things and to do so we need their strong and effective presence and not only symbolic. And we at EWMD do this, constantly, with the #Equalpanel manifesto, with She Made a Difference, through our Think Tanks, with the STEP project and with all the activities aimed at achieving our mission."

Daniela Bandera, outgoing President of EWMD ITALY, congratulated Renata Pelati and Laura Dalè and said goodbye with these words: "The top roles in our association are roles of service and personal growth for the experience that can be made, the more members who have access to it, the greater the number of women to whom EWMD offers the opportunity to grow by experiencing what it means to lead a complex association. We started out as a small group, now we are seven chapters and two on the way. This means that there is a need for an association of women and especially of women who want to count in economic, social and institutional life. EWMD has consolidated and supports them because through them can pass a gender perspective that makes our country different and better. To the new President and Vice-President, who have been voted by the totality of the Italian chapters, goes my most sincere thought, I know that they will carry on what we have started, they will know how to strengthen and improve EWMD Italy with passion and intelligence".