Tanja Cotoaga

As a teenager, I was already fascinated by other cultures and languages and loved discovering other countries. Lucky me, I could make this passion the center of my academic career and professional life and had the chance studying, living and working abroad, in Europe and the Americas. Holding a M.A. in business administration from a Grande Ecole in Paris and in translation and interpretation, I started my professional journey as translator and interpreter before shifting to roles in export sales, international business development and international marketing. Those roles had one thing in common: Connecting with people in cross-cultural and cross-functional teams - one of the most important motivations for me.
Born in Germany, European by heart and open to the world, I traveled first Europe, then the Arabic world and the Americas for business and on private level. Diversity through cultures, languages, professions,  and personal backgrounds remains for me one the most inspirational sources and this is exactly what EMWD offers: The power of diversity in all facets. This network offers a tremendous platform for exchanging ideas and experiences and supporting each other in their personal and professional development, and allows me to practice 6 languages.

In 2020 I joined EWMD and was immediately impressed by the women I met: their passion, their energy, their experiences and initiatives. In 2021 I had the chance to join the International Board of Directors. My goal is to support the strategic development of this fantastic international network with marketing and communication initiatives so that women of all horizons, ages and in different stages of their professional life can grow and help each other growing.

In my private life I love traveling, dancing Tango Argentino, scuba diving and swimming. I am multilingual, fond of international food and good wine. Finally I am also a fan of architecture that is reflecting societies and their development and of photography as  taking  pictures helps in changing perspectives. 

My motivation to join EWMD and cover the role as Marketing and Communication Director

"Life is about the people you meet - EWMD is an inspiring and international network of woman who symbolise diversity, inclusion, development, exchange and support. If there is anything I would love to contribute to and empower then it is these very EWMD values.

Beatrice Lusetti

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