Power Team in London successfully started

Recent studies confirm: Female-dominated inner circles are key to women gaining leadership roles. Thus most successful women surround themselves with other women.
EWMD Power Teams are an extremely powerful development instrument and have been a great success of our network for many years. Starting initially with a one-year-program, we are proud to have teams running successfully for more than 5 years.
A power team is a specific form of peer-group setting in which up to 8 engaged women meet regularly for over a year to support each other in achieving their professional and personal goals.
The aim of this inner circle is to develop solutions for concrete, key professional issues, e.g. planning the next career steps, coping with changes, leadership issues, compatibility challenges or re-focusing for the upcoming phase of their life. The Power Team enables the creative development of solutions through different perspectives and provides strong support and strength within the group.

EWMD is very happy that the first Power Team started end of August in London.