Every Woman Makes a Difference

European Women's Management Development is an international nonprofit network established in 1984 by women for women and men in management.
Our almost 1000 members network is mostly domiciled in 6 European countries, extending as far and as the US, South Africa, India, and Asia. We link professionals from all areas of business, education, politics and culture, welcoming both individual and corporate, employed and self-employed members.
Our main goal is to increase women's visibility and participation in higher positions in business and society. EWMD believes that quality levels of management can be increased and enriched through more female presence and diversity.
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Recent News

#equalpanel project EWMD Italy

Oct 06, 2020
The #equalpanel project was conceived and was strongly desired by a team of EWMD Italia's members: Ewmd Italia's Chairwoman Daniela Bandera, Ewmd...

EWMD Asia Pacific - Disrupting Global Work Lives

Sep 07, 2020
The borderless, international lifestyle which many global professionals and their families have taken for granted over past decades has been dras...

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