Beatrice Lusetti

What is your role at EWMD?

As of June 2020 I am the Responsible of the EWMD International Office. I work closely with the Management Board and the International Board, and together we ensure the proper functioning of the projects we carry out.

What is your background?

Born Italian, but always felt International and European by heart. I hold a B.A. in International Relations and a M.A. in European and International Affairs as a result of my passion for economics, society, politics and intercultural relations. Also languages and foreign literature drive my enthusiasm: I am fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

My studies and career have taken me across Europe since I was 19, and in 2017 it happened that Germany, and precisely Berlin, became my new home.

I also like to discover new places in the world, so far my list includes over 40 states, and many more to come.

 What was your motivation to join EWMD and why should others join?

Because it is international, because it is real and because it is constantly evolving together with this always-changing-world. The energy, creativity and motivation can be concretely experienced in this Network. I have never met so many inspiring people all at once, the enthusiasm they put into projects and new challenges deeply fascinate me.

Borders are only imaginary lines for this Network, the passion carried out from EWMD does not know physical limits. 

Beatrice Lusetti

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