Brussels Declaration: The Future of AI is Female!

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming event, "The Future of AI is Female: Driving Gender Equality in Europe's Digital Transformation," which will be held on October 24th, 2023, in Brussels.

EWMD together with EWoB, FEDEPE, Collabwith, PWN Global, WEgate, WEP and Oxford Brookes University, take great pride in promoting women's empowerment, decision-making capacity, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and combating violence against women. Last year, we successfully launched the "Brussels Declaration," a European Manifesto endorsed by numerous institutions committed to these causes. For more info about this initiative, you can check the dedicated page on this website:

The Brussels Declaration represents a collective effort to address gender disparities and advocate for inclusive policies and actions across all EU institutions. With this basis, we are your sparring partners when it comes to deciding the framework for Gender Equality in Europe.

Artificial Intelligence plays an increasing part in this framework, influencing more and more decision-making processes in our society.

AI can be a powerful tool to help us eliminating bias and stereotypes, to ensure an equal participation in all areas of our society and to promote equality and inclusivity.

Or, it can perpetuate the status quo, as the algorithms are relying on current data and would rather increase inequality, giving advice based on the current situation which would result in stabilizing the system as it is, even re-enforcing existing stereotypes and biases.

Our upcoming event will delve into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in shaping a more inclusive future for women in Europe's digital landscape.

Keep an eye on this page for more details about the event's agenda and our high-profile panelists! Together, we will pave the way for a future where AI empowers and uplifts women across Europe!

Sneak Peek from Nadine Nembach, EWMD International Co-President

The Panelists

Celine Caira is an Economist/Policy Analyst at the OECD's AI Unit, where she focuses on AI computing capacity, climate impacts, and country reviews. She previously served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Canada's Federal Minister of Innovation, providing strategic guidance on topics like COVID-19 recovery, foreign investment, venture capital, and intellectual property. With a background spanning government, NGOs, and UN organizations like WIPO, Celine is an active volunteer with organizations including Young Diplomats of Canada, UN Women Canada, and the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. She holds certificates from the University of Oxford Saïd Business School, a Master of Public Policy and Governance from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political Science, Economics, and French Language from McGill University.

Tiziana, a researcher at ANPAL (National Agency for Active Labour Policies), specializes in labor market policies, gender equality, EU policies, and programs. She served as a policy advisor in the Minister of Labour's Cabinet from 2014 to 2018 and advised Heads of departments in other public bodies. Since October 2016, she has been a member of the Employment Committee (EMCO) in Brussels and is actively involved in the European Semester process. Tiziana was recently appointed Chair of the EMCO PAG (Policy Analysis Group) in Brussels. She also played key roles in the EaSI and "Progress" programs and collaborates with the OECD on youth entrepreneurship and public employment services (PES) research. In 2021, as a policy advisor at the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council, she drafted projects for the National Recovery Plan focused on Female entrepreneurship and Gender equality certification in businesses. 

Fulbright Specialist in cyberlaw with 15 years advisory board experience and more than 25 years of corporate law expertise as Chief Operating Officer. Proven leader with an exceptional record of success with startups and public companies. Internationally recognized for academic research on corporate governance, data governance, and the law and ethics of artificial intelligence. Invited speaker to K4I Horizon 2020 debates at the European Parliament on the use of AI to increase investment in women-led startups and subject matter expert for the 2021 Report to the European Commission on the risks of AI in the workplace and 2023 Report to the UN Committee on CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) on the role of AI.

Stay tuned for upcoming panelist announcements and the event agenda!