Cristina Cortesi

Cristina Cortesi is a Trainer, Coach and Chief Happiness Officer. Cristina is also Creator and Project Manager of Social Unit - Relationship Maintenance. In addition, she is mother for two males. 

Why EWMD? Cristina says so:

"Confession: I have never been comfortable in purely feminine contexts (as experienced in the field of social cooperation and associations).  I would experience resistance.

EWMD has made a difference.  I became engaged. In particular it provided me with the opportunity to be actively involved and to continue to grow in a challenging and collaborative environment where we work with and for women: finally we become ONE.

I respect the women I have came into contact with and the mission of the Association deeply reflects my own.

The first step to making a contribution was to join and share a journey of meaning along with other women who want to create a sense of social awareness.

Goal: to support women in their growth and evolution in all areas of their lives."

Her Contribution: 

"My aim is to Increase social capital. To enrich each of us with opportunities for exchange, solidarity, confrontation, to help people flourish, inside and outside the association. Ambitious? It is necessary to breathe a new cultural air that will enable us to give of our best and to reignite our communities, organizations and families.

I offer expertise in the fields of the Science of Happiness and Positive Organizations, support for caregivers and the contrast to Ageism, prejudice against age.

I come from the non-profit world and I try to contaminate organizations with the culture of care and aging, themes that often see women and men relegated or limited to prescribed roles or de-forming models. With conviction I promote care as a transversality of growth and expression of human potential.

As an entrepreneur and a trainer I commit to engaging with this Association with passion and I gratefully recognize it as a great gym for growth."

Cristina Cortesi

EWMD Italy - Chapter: Milano