Daniela Bandera

I became an EWMD member in 1996, since I was interested in the possibility of building new international connections through the network. In 2007 with ten friends with whom I share values and ideas I founded the Brescia branch. I believe that women need an association that can support them in their growing paths and that can change the cultural framework on women empowerment, which is still missing in my country: we tend to talk about it too much, without doing enough.

In the Gender Index, on the condition of women in various countries around the world, Italy ranks fourth from last. Italian women are under-represented in the job market, high-rank positions, and representative assemblies. When, after graduating at university, young women get their first employment they face discrimination both in terms of income and career progression. To change these aspects is really difficult and challenging, but we must not surrender to the pessimism of reason: we have to follow the optimism of the will that gives us the strength to denounce, challenge and change this situation.

EWMD is made for this, for supporting women who dare to achieve their ambitions and who, without giving up, aim to change their gender conditions because they are convinced that in this way they will build a better world for their daughters and sons. 

One of the dreams that characterize the European project beyond national differences is that Europe might one day see women and men walking together, respecting each other, equals in differences. And this is what we are working hard for. 

My dream is to make EWMD Italy a strong and widespread network, with the capacity to support all the women who want to valorise their growth: MEET TO GROW TOGETHER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE".        

Daniela Bandera, after graduating in Sociology (1979) at the University of Trento, completed her university education with doctoral studies obtaining the Diplòme d'Ètudes Approfondies (DEA 1980) in Sociology of Work at the Université de Nancy, France. She is the author of the book: "The co-evolutionary enterprise", published by Franco Angeli, Milan in 2019. 

In 1989 she co-founded and she is currently the managing director of Nomesis - Research and Marketing Solutions. In Nomesis she developed and directs Marketing Learning Lab, an innovative method that combines consultancy, research and training, which was successfully tested in large and medium-large companies in Italy. She is the founder of Womesis Lab specialized in gender studies, surveys and training courses for women who want to grow and companies that want to support them. 

Daniela Bandera is INNOVATION MANAGER included in the MiSE (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, Ministry of Economic Development) list. She is an expert in Smart working, a topic to which she has dedicated her work and projects in companies since 2008.

She also manages the "Support Decision System" Business Unit to support corporate headquarters. 

She has conducted extensive research on the internal climate of both public and private organizations and carried out organizational improvement actions with a view to orienting the company structure to the market. She is also the creator of ATMO App, an app dedicated to real-time data collection on the internal climate of organizations. 

Daniela Bandera is National President of EWMD - European Women's Management Development - International Network and member of the Board of Directors of the AIB Foundation - Brescia

President of EWMD Italy

Chapter: EWMD Brescia