Daniela Busà

Born in Bolzano, I grew up and graduated in Brescia. I have been working in Sales & Marketing since the very beginning of my career and I moved to the Slovak Republik on behalf of an Italian company for two years in my thirties. Since 2008 I have been an International Business Developer in the B2B Contract Manufacturing Market with focus on plastic technologies.

In 2015 I moved to Switzerland, where I still live and where I have recently founded my own consulting company as a Business Development, International Sales & Marketing Expert.

I split my time living and working in Zurich and Brescia and I join my customers and friends virtually or in person worldwide.

I have banned the word «problem» from my vocabulary and I have replaced it with the word «opportunity».

I joined EWMD in 2018 as it matches perfectly with me as a woman, a networking lover, an international oriented spirit, as a traveller and as a multicultural initiatives fan.

In March 2020 I had the great honour to be elected as National Representative of EWMD Switzerland and I will do my best to be an active partner of this special network.

My motto: Focus on the gaps

My passions: Italian food and wines

My company: Daniela Busà Consulting, Switzerland

Daniela Busa

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