Dr. Regina Samson

Born in Germany, European by heart, a global citizen based in Berlin. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by other cultures, languages and ways of life- my interest has always been cultural globalisation, though no one would have thought to label it like we do today. After high school, I lived in Argentina for a year. Since then, Latin America has not only been my favourite region, but it has also strongly influenced my professional life. In addition, Spain has become an area of expertise as I searched for ties to Latin American culture in Europe.

I am a journalist, have worked in the political field and have taught literature and cultural studies at a German university. My professional interests are diverse, but it is my passion to combine them uniquely to discover new perspectives. Just like Pippi Longstocking, my motto is: "I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that." I appreciate diversity and don't want to be tied down to one professional subject, thus my portfolio includes a whole range of skills and disciplines: communication, cultural mediation, education, travel, interculturality and sustainability.

I joined EWMD at the end of 2021. From the beginning, I was fascinated by the many open-minded women and the great energy of the network. EWMD is the ideal platform for cultural exchange, mutual empowerment and growth -collectively and individually. I am excited to contribute my values and experience to the International Board as the German National Representative and to support our strategic development, communication and internationalisation.

Regina Samson

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