ENG: EWMD Leading the Future Mastermind Group

  • Do you have a professional project with which you want to make a difference and create a better future and one that others want to belong to?
  • Would you like to learn how to access and to use your multiple intelligences to create new ideas and strategies and make better decisions?
  • Would you like to develop skills and a successful mindset to improve your impact and results?
  • Are you committed to taking action, to giving and receiving feedback and to learning from others and helping others to grow?

The EWMD Leading the Future Mastermind Group aims to develop the best entrepreneurial version of yourself and the growth of your project and business

In the meetings we combine exercises to develop our multiple intelligences and a successful mindset with activities of exchange and feedback

All sessions are accompanied by a facilitator who will encourage and promote the collective intelligence of the group.

In each Mastermind Group, 6 women meet once a month to grow their mindset and skills, present their projects and challenges, exchange points of view and to commit to action.

How does it work?

At the beginning of each group there will be:

  1. One Intro Meeting (2 hours) to meet each other and to understand what´s behind the idea of collective intelligence, the success mindset and how the group works and what you have to commit to.

  1. Two Get Started Workshops (3 hours each) to experience different collective intelligence exercise and 1 Hot Seat Session per member.

There will follow 6 monthly regularly meetings with a duration of 3 hours each and including the following:

  • Exercises to access and develop your multiple intelligences
  • Activities to analyze and grow your future mindset.
  • Hot Seat Sessions to boost your project 

How can you benefit from this group?

  • Conscious and focused actions and improved results due to a successful mindset
  • New findings and ideas to reach your goals
  • More confidence in your own abilities to succeed
  • Development of skills through multiple kinds of experience coming from peers
  • More commitment and better decisions
  • Learn from own successes and mistakes and from those of others
  • Ability to access and use your own multiple intelligences

In our Kick-off meeting we will meet each other, understand what´s behind the idea of collective intelligence, the success mindset and how the group works and what you have to commit to.

Kick-off meeting 1 in English: 17/11/2021, 18.30h – 20.30h
 – Register here

Kick-off meeting 2 in Spanish: 18/11/2021, 18.30h – 20.30h
Register here

In our Get-Started Meetings we will experience different collective intelligence exercises and 1 Hot Seat Session per member.

Get Started 1/1 in English: 30/11/2021, 18.00h-21.00h
- Register here

Get Started 1/2 in Spanish: 09/12/2021, 18.00h-21.00h
- Register here

Get Started 2/1 in English*

Get Started 2/2 in Spanish*

*As we are entering the Christmas season the dates for the next two Get Started Workshops will be decided together with the participants.

Registration, Fees & Conditions

Please notice that this project will be held in English and in Spanish. Make sure you complete separate registrations for 1 Kick-Off meeting and the first Get Started session. Follow the above written links and proceed with the different registrations. Please notice that you can register for the Get Started Session only if you have attended the Info Session. 

Please note that participation in the Mastermind Group has a cost of 89 euro if you are already a member of EWMD and 199 euro if you are not a member of the Network. You can select the type of package in the next step. 

If you are not an EWMD member and live in an area where we do not yet have a National Chapter, this 199 euro will also include a full EWMD membership for 2022. If you live in an area where EWMD already has a National Chapter, you can get a discount on your 2022 membership! 

Upon registration you will receive an invoice, payable either by credit card or by bank transfer. For any administrative question please contact our International Office.