Eva Zimmer

I grew up in Germany and Luxembourg and at the age of nineteen I moved to Italy, where I studied mathematics and began working as an IT specialist.

After several years, when my two sons had already grown up, still working full-time, I added a degree in business economics and began dealing with Planning & Controlling in diverse sectors (banking, industry, public transport, ).

Later, for a ten-year period, I was appointed Managing Director of the Italian branch of a German-based multinational Company producing machinery, especially transmission systems for large vehicles and industrial plants.

Now I'm working as an independent consultant and coach, making use of the experience accumulated in my previous activities.

I got in touch with EWMD in 2019 and joined in 2020, convinced by the high professionalism of the members and the many important activities all over our countries.

Personally, I'm very fond of participating in initiatives that promote the STEM studies with girls and young women.

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