EWMD Forum: New Chapter Official Announcement

"EWMD Forum": New Chapter Official Announcement

Who we are

A group of enthusiastic women interested in working across national chapters elaborating and discussing management and personnel development issues on a professional level.

Why a different type of chapter all together?

Currently, the EWMD is structured along national chapters in which different countries are represented. Regions and locations are important and define who belongs to which chapter. In other words, within the current EWMD structure, belonging is the defining element.

With «EWMD Forum» we add a different element to that structure. This new element allows focusing on the discussion itself irrespective of country affiliation. A forum is per definition a place where people gather to debate, discuss and elaborate problems and questions on a professional and in-depth level. That is exactly what we want – providing a hub (forum) for such discussions across chapters and thus nations or regions. With «EWMD Forum» a member‘s residence is no longer the defining root but instead becomes a lens through which themes are elaborated allowing exchanges and learning from different perspectives and cultural approaches.

How we became

After a period of exchange with EWMD International, seven like-minded women came together on 10 October 2020 to establish the new chapter «EWMD Forum». We were hosted in the former oldest women convent in Switzerland, the Forum St. Katharinen in St. Gallen – what a symbolic location!

«EWMD Forum» arises from the aim to focus on knowledge transfer and to deepen the understanding of management personnel among the members themselves, regardless of gender, nationality, social, religious and/or cultural background. This new chapter is aimed at women (men are welcome but not in acquisition focus), who already have a wealth of experience and are willing to exchange it with other like-minded women. We would like to learn from, with and through each other within a forum setting that allows the exploration of themes proposed by its world-wide members.

Irrespective of their place of residence, the Chapter aims to enable its members to engage in in-depth exchange on management issues. The purpose of the association is achieved through regular physical or virtual discussion rounds, lectures, seminars, publications and other activities serving the purpose of the association. «EWMD Forum» sees itself as a complement to the existing chapters.

Opportunities for worldwide members without a home chapter

Given that «EWMD Forum» is not defined by a country or region, it is predestined to be an option for individual members without a chapter: «EWMD Forum» enables also worldwide individual members without a home chapter to connect to and to actively participate in the EWMD network.


For practical reasons «EWMD Forum» is an association under Swiss Law that allows the seat being linked to the residence of the president or the seat of the administrative office. In the case of «EWMD Forum» its legal seat is the location of the administrative office.

The association does not pursue any commercial purpose nor does it seek to make a profit. Like with all EWMD national chapters, the organs of the «EWMD Forum» are honorary. The constitution is in translation from German to English and will be available on the «EWMD Forum»‘s website. 

Board Members of EWMD Forum