EWMD International in Madrid and Barcelona

In the first week of November, the EWMD International Board met in Barcelona, Spain, to hold its regular two-day meeting where the Chapters' news, the Directors' areas of work were presented and plans for 2022 were discussed. It was two days of intense work, and it was the first face-to-face meeting since 2019, it was really exciting to see each other again and meet the new International Boards members in person! Of course, there were also moments of socialization and networking events, EWMD is also this! 
The Management Board then visited members, partners and supporters in Madrid, where they had the opportunity to exchange about projects, collaborations and plans for the future. Madrid was also a very successful visit, where the Board combined intensive meetings with networking events. Thank you to all the International Board members for your commitment and engagement, and thank you to all the supporters who have accompanied us on this journey! If you are based in Spain and would like to know more about current projects and membership, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office

EWMD International Board meeting in Barcelona

Together with the International Board of EWMD, these were days of inspiring and intense meetings, the National Representatives and Directors presented the programmes of their Chapters and together we discussed strategies for the coming year. Some IB members had to attend the meeting remotely, but that didn't stop the group's energy! Stay connected, there will be plenty of new developments in the months to come! 

Networking Event in Barcelona

On Friday, November 5, EWMD organized a wonderful networking evening in the center of Barcelona where the International Board, EWMD Barcelona members and supporters and partners of the Network spent a pleasant evening discussing the organization's plans and reflecting on ideas for the future. Of course it was also a beautiful evening of socialization and fun among the members! 

Special thanks to all those who participated in the event and perfectly embodied the spirit of EWMD: Meet, Share, Engage! 

Meetings & Events in Madrid

After the EWMD IB meeting in Barcelona, the international Co-Presidents Paola Ligabue and Nadine Nembach visited members, partners, supporters and connections in Madrid. Of course, we also visited FEDEPE, the Spanish association with which EWMD has been collaborating for some time and with which we are working on an ambitious advocacy project.

We also had a fruitful meeting with WLW (Women in a Legal World) and since we share part of the mission and vision of our respective associations, we are sure that very soon we will be able to extend our collaboration! 

Networking Event in Madrid

What a beautiful evening that was organized in the center of Madrid on November 8 together with the Spanish members and supporters and connections of EWMD! An opportunity to exchange, brainstorm, get to know each other and think about future projects that we can achieve together! The evening in Madrid was the perfect conclusion to an EWMD visit to Spain that not only allowed the International Board to gather for its regular meeting, but also to interact with existing and new connections and lay the groundwork for the many projects and activities in Spain that the EWMD Management Board wants to pursue in the coming months.