EWMD Lithuania supports Young Leaders

EWMD Lithuania empowers young social leaders in Lithuania. After the successful completion of the social leadership project Virtual Mannequin in 2019 the chapter plans to continue the project this year in collaboration with NGOs and educational institutions.

In 2019, about 200 teenagers participated in the social leadership trainings. The aim of the project was to ensure better socialization, promote their citizenship and selfexpression. Participants of the project developed their competences by fostering civic awareness, starting with themselves and their talents, skills, self-awareness and strengthening a spirit of well-being with those around them, recognizing the diversity. Also volunteering and ability to solve community issues independently were encouraged. Creative workshops, teamwork techniques and communication trainings helped the teenagers to reflect and develop their competences. As part of the project the youth leaders created teams in their communities. Every team implemented a social project to solve relevant issues of their community. #Virtualusmanekenas project members and EWMD Lithuania participated in an inspiring Global Leadership Conference where they met leaders from all around the world.

In face of the very promising and positive social leadership project EWMD Lithuania and their partner organizations intend to motivate and empower more teenagers to become social leaders in 2020.