Franca Guidotti

I was born and lived  in La Spezia where I attended school. After the scientific maturity I attended the University of Pisa where I graduated in mathematics. For about 7 years I have been a teacher and then I went to work in a bank. Despite the change I was not completely satisfied and I began to think that maybe I had to take another step.1987 was a year of great changes in both private and working life. The desire to change the habits of  daily life, the desire to test my real abilities, led me to the decision, far from easy, to start an independent business. I became a Professional Financial Planner. I that same period I joined EWMD (at that time Women in Career ). I wanted to compare myself with other women engaged in the work world, share choices, anxieties, typical problems of female world.I can say that my professional growth was somehow accompanied by the life of the same network through which new friendships, new interests but also new commitments were born.More than 30 years have passed and the network is stronger than before.EWMD members share values, goals and strive for greater gender equity. We are living in a particularly complex moment where the role of women can be of great importance. We must actively commit ourselves to growing the network, creating links with those associations that share our mission. Only in this way we will be able to voice our requests

President of EWMD La Spezia

Chapter: EWMD Italy

Retired ( ex Professional Financial Planner at Banca Generali )