International Conference 2022

It's getting turbulent...

on 1 October 2022 in Berlin

Everyone talks about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and invokes the "entrepreneurial spirit". But what is it actually? What does it mean for founders? Which value does it really add for companies? Questions like these will be addressed at the International Conference 2022 in Berlin: "Being Entrepreneurial In Turbulent Times". We meet live in the start-up metropolis with exciting guests during the conference day and a thrilling party in the evening. You can't miss it, register now!

Registration - Prices
  • Regular Members (Conference & Dinner) 299 EUR 
  • Junior Members (Conference & Dinner) 179 EUR
  • Non-Members (Conference & Dinner) 340 EUR
  • Conference only 250 EUR
  • Student Ticket (conference only) 99 EUR
  • Dinner only 90 EUR

Places are very limited so be sure you secure your spot for the EWMD International Conference 2022 in Berlin today! You can't miss it! Register now! 

Conference Location
Novotel Berlin-Tiergarten
Straße des 17. Juni 106-108
10623 Berlin

Dinner & Party Location
Ballhaus Berlin
Chausseestraße 102
10115 Berlin

Brigitte Zypries, Former Minister of Economic Affairs

9:00 Opening 

Keynote Maitri O'Brien: "Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs - Women in Leadership unleashing their Superpowers"

9:20 - 10:30 Keynotes 

  • "How to become a Business Angel?", Dr. Gesa Miczaika

  • "Implementation - The Underestimated Little Sister Of Innovation", Dr. Ramona Samba

  • "Doubling down on gender diversity in VC: What can we all do - together?", Mor Eini

  • "To build and ensure entrepreneurial spirit is key for growth", Dr. Katrin Lumma

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break & Market Place

11:00 - 12:00 Panel Discussion "Women as Change Makers" with all Key Note Speakers, Moderator: Nadin-Shirin Zimmermann

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break & Get Together

13:30 - 15:00 Workshop time - 4 topics on Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

  • "Are your a game changer from within? Values make all the difference" with Guénola Langenberg and Martina Baehr

  • "Intrapreneurship in the public sector - the change story of the ITDZ Berlin"  with Anne Lolas and Ina Maria Peters

  • "Come with your idea and leave with great building blocks for your business plan" with Sophie Ravel

  • "Creativity Gap - What you cannot imagine, you cannot build" with Sigrid Peuker

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break & Market Place 

15:30 - 16:15 Award "She made a difference"

16:15 - 17:00 Summary of Key Learnings & Highlights and Closing

All day: Meet, Share, Engage at the Coffee Bar & in the Market Placer.

Social Programm on 10/02/2022

13:00 - 15:00

City walk Berlin "300 years of women's emancipation and struggle for rights"

Register here for City walk Berlin!

13:00 - 15:00

City tour Potsdam "Potsdam - through the eyes of a woman"

Register here for City walk Potsdam!

Maitri O'Brien

Transformation Partner at AS Equity Partners

Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs - Women in Leadership unleashing their Superpowers

Maitri O‘Brien dove deep into Silicon Valley for 25+ years; working within Fortune 500 companies and advising senior leaders at pivotal moments of change and transformation at a global scale. She worked behind the scenes on a wide range of large-scale, multiyear programs – such as change and transformation management, organization and operating model design, mergers & acquisitions, employee engagement and multi-stakeholder management.

She has had many leadership roles inside the companies she worked with, including 12 years building and leading the Change and Transformation Consulting practice in Hewlett Packard and HP Enterprise. She discovered a passion for empowering senior leadership teams to tackle their most pressing strategic challenges by using times of change and transformation as a catalyst. As she worked across the globe, she learned how to connect dots in new ways, understanding organizational and cultural contexts, and customize solutions towards recognizing and spotlighting the diversity and resilience in people.

She recently joined AS Equity Partners as the Transformation Operating Partner, targeting control investments in technology businesses across Europe. She works closely with portfolio company CEOs and leadership teams to define and execute a wide range of value creation and acceleration initiatives.

Dr. Gesa Miczaika

Partner at the Auxxo Female Catalyst

Fund and Deputy President of the German Startups Association

How to become a Business Angel?

Dr. Gesa Miczaika is a general partner at the Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund and Deputy President of the German Startups Association. Beside that, Gesa co-founded the Evangelistas, a network of female business angels with more than 150 members in Germany. Her background is in strategy consulting and start-ups.

Dr. Ramona Samba

CEO sync2brain GmbH

Implementation - The Underestimated Little Sister Of Innovation

Dr. Ramona Samba is CEO and shareholder of sync2brain GmbH, a start-up company that is providing personalized brain stimulation therapy for depression and after stroke. She is inspired by enabling great vision and technology through effective organization and management.

She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry from Reutlingen University, Germany including semesters abroad and at companies. She joined the NMI, Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen in 2009 to pursue a PhD. The content of her thesis was the application-oriented development of new nanostructured microelectrode arrays (now a commercial product). After five years of research and project management in bio- and neurotechnology, she was heading a business unit at NMI Technologietransfer GmbH while receiving additional training towards Certified Management Expert® from Steinbeis University and St. Gallen Business School.

Mor Eini

Strategic Partnerships and Growth Manager at APX

Doubling down on gender diversity in VC: What can we all do — together?

Mor Eini is a Strategic Partnerships and Growth Manager at APX, the Berlin-based very-early-stage VC backed by Axel Springer and Porsche. She is responsible for the company’s partnerships and portfolio companies, connecting any innovation-seeking companies in the world with one of APX’s market-leading portfolio companies. A true innovation advocate, she has a long history of supporting start-ups in both Germany and Israel. Before fostering a community for Germany-based Israelis in tech, Mor served as a captain in the Israeli Defense Forces, managing the HR affairs for more than 800 soldiers and commanders.

Dr. Katrin Lumma

Partner @ zeb consulting

To build and ensure entrepreneurial spirit
is key for growth

Dr. Katrin Lumma is a partner at zeb, one of the largest European consulting firms with focus on financial services. As part of the management team, she is responsible for the SME-focussed consulting business and - as an entrepreneur within the company - is responsible for large key accounts. Since the founding phase more than 25 years ago, Katrin has accompanied zeb's development. She is a co-designer of the strategy for decentralised entrepreneurship and personal responsibility as a basis for joint growth of companies as well as employees. Her many years of consulting experience in banking and her exchange with the management of the industry repeatedly show the importance of transformation processes and of diversity, the latter being her heart topic. She is the founder of the women@zeb network and an active mentor of the Women into Leadership initiative, IWiL.

Are your a game changer from within? Values make all the difference

It’s our belief: our values make us shine from the inside! Because values determine our mindset. They give us the drive and orientation for actions. That's why we want to make them shine!

With this workshop we want to light on your awareness for your personal Game Changer values. Discover what is really important to you and which values make you special as a shaper and innovator.

Reflect whether you live them out the way you want to in your company. And define for yourself whether and how you would like to strengthen their living out in business. Your values are your strength!

with Guénola Langenberg and Martina Baehr

Intrapreneurship in the public sector - the change story of the ITDZ Berlin

Anne Lolas and Ina Maria Peters: "As a modern, innovative IT service provider for the Berlin administration, we ensure the future viability of Germany's capital. We provide fast and convenient digital citizen services and operate our own network, the "Verwaltungsstadtnetz" (city administration network).

We balance several priorities

- the best possible citizen service
- long-term political decision-making processes
- high data protection requirements
- the availability of skilled workers

We believe that the more diverse our team is, the more innovative, flexible and creative we can be. We stringently think of solutions from the customer's point of view. How do we do that? That's what we will share and discuss with you."

Anne Lolas has been deputy director of the IT Service Centre Berlin with over 1,000 employees since April 2021. She is responsible in particular for the technical management of the ITDZ Berlin. Ina Maria Peters is in charge of the "Strategy 2026" programme and thus the current fundamental change process of the ITDZ Berlin.

with Anne Lolas and Ina Maria Peters

Come with your idea and leave with great building blocks for your business plan

Women in all life situations can think about starting a business or a movement. There is always something to gain. Why are so many women not catching these opportunities?

New companies are based on a vision of the future. They represent a creation process. A feminine point of view is possible. It is rewarding not only in monetary terms but also due to creating something on your own that will have an impact on the life of others.

So why not? In this workshop we propose you to bring your idea, your vision of the future, and to work it out with some simple and effective tools, and the feedback of your peers in small groups. It is an opportunity to exercise your motivation, your capacity to explain and to convince, an occasion to network, find partners, or cofounders, or a name for your newco.

There will be no competition, but we will try and define a new model, a feminine system to create start-ups, and to make it better. A world where women have their space, where being a woman will be an added value. It is all about You and your Idea.

with Sophie Ravel

Creativity Gap - What you cannot imagine, you cannot build

If more and more resources and effort are put into getting from ideas to businesses, why is the number of new ventures decreasing year by year?

Several factors play a role, some of them we can influence. Imagination as the starter and motor of ideation and creation is overlooked in its importance. In this workshop we want to explore ways of how to get more confidence in the messy and unpredictable processes, which have to be undergone if we want to have more ideas in the funnel. We will experiment with tools to come up with ideas, to grasp, express, and communicate them.

We reflect our experiences and discuss how we can integrate imagination into our daily life and work to generate solutions and innovations.

Sigrid Peuker studied Linguistics and Media and Communication Sciences. Working as a project manager, systems administrator and online editor in publishing and media companies since the 1980s, she has extended experience in technical innovation and knows the social and personal changes that come with innovation. During the last 20 years she has been teaching, consulting companies, hosting and facilitating events. She has worked with more than 200 entrepreneurs during that time, realizing that methods from the arts help to bring ideas into being. Currently she is Head of SRH Start-up Lab Berlin.

with Sigrid Peuker

What about Covid?

We cannot be clairvoyant, but we are sure that our conference can take place. If we see rising infection numbers in October, we can ensure a safe place with mask, distance, hygiene rules and test or proof of vaccination. We are confident that all participants will be suitably alert and considerate and will abide by the rules in place at that time. In the unlikely event that the conference has to be cancelled due to Covid, we will refund the fees minus a small amount for expenses incurred. Take care and stay healthy - we look forward to seeing you in Berlin on 1 October!

For those travelling to Berlin who are invited to a conference, there is the possibility of a free citizens' test in many stations. Please use this opportunity on your own responsibility