EWMD Network with the initiative Young & Active

A field report from Kim Morgan-Meier
What do I get out of a network? I asked myself this question last year, after I was invited to a networking event of EWMD by an extremely inspiring and successful manager. I attended the live-event and was impressed by the professional organization and the noticeable motivation and commitment of the women present. I registered for further professional events and networking evenings and realized that those talks and speeches are going to help me to develop personally and professionally. Especially since I still have a lot ahead of me in my young career as a manager. In particular the exchange with its members, about their views and experiences, broaden my horizon and allow new ideas to emerge. Besides that, a large number of members prove, that it is possible to combine career and family, a topic that matters to me. 
In my private environment I have acquaintances and friends who have similar thoughts: How can I combine work and family? How do I get my first leadership experience? What makes a good manager? Nevertheless, many are reluctant to register for an event or do not consider a network to find answers for those questions. After some discussions and comparisons with other networks, I realized that the title EWMD, acronym for European Women Management Development, might be perceived as a barrier for many young women, who may not yet feel "far" enough in their careers to join a network of successful female managers. The new initiative "EWMD Young & Active" is designed to dispel these doubts: One of the network's goals is to support and develop women in management positions and on their way to a management role. Personally, I quickly found access to EWMD and all women welcomed me with open arms. This kind of hospitality towards new prospects is something that is really important to everyone at EWMD.
EWMD Young & Active
The EWMD Young & Active initiative is an EWMD campaign that aims to support young women (approx. 25 to 35 years of age) who are facing similar questions and professional challenges and who are willing to discover networking for themselves. Formats and content specially tailored for young members are intended to break down the barriers of interested women and give them the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and benefit from long-standing members and their experiences. Whether in self-employment, a management function or on the way there - in this network members get the opportunity to support and inspire each other as well as to get actively involved in order to develop themselves personally and professionally. 
"Get Inspired: Questions without boundaries"
  • You are facing a professional change or your next career decision?
  • You want to start your own business, but still need the right impulse?
  • You want to take on more responsibility in your job and are asking yourself how?
  • You have recently been promoted or have your first leadership role and are looking for peers?
  • You are planning your family and career and wonder how to balance everything?
With these impulse-questions the first series of events started in June 2020. On four meetings at different times of the day, interested women could participate in the interactive online meetings for free. „Role Models“ reported openly about their career and their personal challenges. In the form of break-out sessions, participants were also given the opportunity to get to know each other.
After these four successful events with a total of almost 100 participants, there was very positive feedback and new member requests. For EWMD the initiative is a great enrichment and a means of winning over young members who bring in a breath of fresh air and new impetus. Young members are automatically part of EWMD and EWMD Young & Active, who can attend all events and benefit from the special content and the exchange with like-minded people who are still at the beginning of their careers.
EWMD Young & Active also attracts interest at an international level. A close exchange of EWMD Germany with EWMD in other countries already happens and rollouts in other countries are being considered. Follow-up dates and other event formats are also planned. In the coming months there will be lectures on the topic of "appearance and personal branding", as well as presentations by other female inspirers of the series "Get Inspired: Questions without boundaries". Personal network meetings in extravagant environments, such as art galleries and wine bars, are also planned.

We are already looking forward to many more events to come and the concentrated energy of  EWMD Young & Actives!
Kim Morgan-Maier, member of EWMD Germany