#equalpanel Project EWMD Italy

#equalpanel​ project was conceived by a team of EWMD Italy Members who decided to act in a clear and concrete way to promote gender equality in favour of a greater inclusion of women in the world of public events, and to create a permanent observatory. This is how #equalpanel​ Programme was born: 10 guidelines or moral commitments to be applied to the organization of speakers' panels. EWMD Italy is willing to significantly increase, in a sustainable way, women's representation at top positions in Italy, identifying innovative approaches in the organizations' management and spreading good practices to achieve real gender equality. The Programme's objective is inviting enterprises, institutions, associations, public administrations and all stakeholders to join a Pact for Gender Equality in Conferences, seminars and scientific events panels, asking speakers and citizens to support it. Indeed, in Italy and in Europe, too many high profile conferences and events lack balance in terms of women representation, more specifically in the main panels. The absence of women in public events offers only one perspective to participants. The absence of diversity in the debate adversely affects the quality of the discussion. When the available role models are men, the absence of women perpetuates the absence of women. The project has as its objective the transmission of different views and the request to introduce the attached guidelines in the organizations, so as to ensure a fair women representation on each occasion. An opportunity to improve gender equality represents an opportunity for the country's growth. In that spirit we kindly ask you to endorse EWMD Italy's Programme.