EWMD and FEDEPE on Women’s Day: more Women and more Europe to conquer Equality

8M International Women’s Day  




(Madrid, March 8th 2022).- The Spanish Federation of Women Managers, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FEDEPE) and the European Women's Management Development Network (EWMD) commemorate International Women's Day this year with a joint declaration that aims to call attention to the much neededpromotion of gender equality within the European Union.


From EWMD’s side, Paola Ligabue and Nadine Nembach, international co-presidents, highlight the need to continue joining forces and working to leave a legacy of equality.

“Women are currently under the spotlight for many reasons, and not all of them are positive. We cannot forget the episodes of violence, the fact that Covid affected women more than men, the hard times with work-life balance, and so on. But we also see that many more women are reaching top positions as Directors, Presidents and Board Chairpersons, and not only in art, culture and education, but also in mechanics, IT and technical environments. We need to believe that the future society will see women and men working side by side with the equal professional, social and personal opportunities: we are working hard for the future generations, for our daughters and sons, and on this Woman’s Day we need to underline our mission and our intents. And doing this together with our partner-associations, FEDEPE in the forefront, we feel stronger and more heard, because the more we are, the more we count”.


FEDEPE’s president, Ana Bujaldón, emphasizes several fundamental issues to avoid a setback in terms of equality in this post-pandemic stage: guaranteeing access to quality employment for women, promoting their equal presence in company management bodies and organizations; to eliminate the wage gap; guarantee equal opportunities and end violence against women in all forms.

“Although we continue to make progress, the pandemic and the current context threaten progress in terms of equality and mean we should adopt more ambitious measures to ensure equality in decision-making, especially regarding decisions that can change the world. We are the engine of a necessary and increasingly urgent change to solve the great challenges that we have at hand and that compromise the future of our economy. By supporting the talent and work of women unreservedly, both companies and society as a whole will benefit. It is time to build bridges and break down barriers, tackling problems as serious as gender violence or the alarming increase in cyberbullying against women. Being a woman cannot be synonymous with risk. We are fundamental pillars of society and we demand to live and work safely, in peace and equality”.



The Spanish Federation of Women Managers, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FEDEPE) is a non-profit Federation of Associations, whose origins date back to 1987, and which brings together nearly26,000 women entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from all business sectors and the Public Administration. Its purpose is to offer a suitable space for study, reflection, debate, training and support to stimulate the development of professional careers for women, as well as their access to management positions and professional responsibility in a absolute equality, promoting in different ways their promotion and visibility both at a personal and collective level. FEDEPE is a Public Utility Entity and advisory body of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.


About EWMD

EWMD (European Women's Management Development Network) was founded in 1984 by women from business schools, universities and business associations from all over Europe. It has delegations in several European countries and individual and corporate members worldwide. Its main objectives are to promote women's access to senior management and give visibility to their contribution in companies and business schools.