EWMD Lithuania: one way to support Ukraine


This International Women’s Day, the women of the EWMD Lithuanian chapter are with all Ukrainians, especially the women and girls affected by Russia’s horrific war.

On International Women’s Day, we express our solidarity with the Ukrainian women who are showing resilience and courage, in uniform and in civilian roles, defending their country and democracy in the face of an unprovoked and unjustified military attack by Russia.

That is why today is not about celebrating our achievements – it is about protecting these incredibly brave women and ensuring their safety at this harrowing time.

Lithuania’s history is very closely related to Ukraine. We know that this is a fight for Independence, Democracy, and Freedom. Because of that every person in Lithuania and every organization supports Ukraine in many ways. Due to well-organized logistics, the help from Lithuania reaches Ukraine very quickly. Besides the help for refugees, we buy and send all the essential things to Ukraine. EWMD Lithuania could be the bridge for other chapters of EWMD to provide support for Ukraine. We are going to buy stuff according to the needs received from Ukrainians, mostly for women and children. 

If you also would like to support Ukraine please donate to our EWMD organization:
Beneficiary’s name: VI “Europos moteru verslo vadyba”
Beneficiary’s account (IBAN) LT287044060008322970
Service provider: AB SEB Bank
Payment purpose: Donation 

Thank you for your support!

Women of EWMD Lithuania chapter