EWMD AGM 2022: Agenda

AGM 2022 of EWMD International e.V.


Friday, 1st of April 2022, 5:00PM to 8:00PM

Online Session
Online Session is opening at 4:45PM. AGM starts on time at 5:00PM.
  1. Opening and welcome – Results as per Online Voting
    1. Confirmation of moderator
    2. Confirmation of minute taker
    3. Confirmation of the agenda
    4. Confirmation of the minutes of AGM 2021
  1. Highlights 2021/ 2022
    1. Presidents Report
    2. Directors & Teams Reports
  1. Presentation of the Treasurer Report
    1. Financial statements 2021
    2. Report of the Auditors
    3. Approval of the Financial Statement: results of the Online Voting
  1. Confirmation of discharge of the members of the EWMD Management Board as per Online Voting
  1. Current Status 2022 and Outlook 2023
  1. Confirmation of the budget 2022/2023 as per Online Voting
  1. Confirmation re-election International Co-Presidents
  1. Confirmation re-election of the International Treasurer
  1. Confirmation of Directors
    1. Digital Director
    2. Corporate Members Director
    3. Marketing and Communication Director
  1.  Confirmation of the International Auditors
The AGM closes at 8:00PM .

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In case you haven't received the link via Email for the online voting, please contact our International Office: service.international@ewmd.org.