An EWMD Story

On May, 9th, EWMD Austria Member Kathrin Schnidar, co-founder of Scarletred is going to host a Think Tank on „Teledermatology 2.0- the Future of Digital Wound Care“ at the Global Female Leaders Summit in Berlin . After 3 years this well renowned women’s conference takes place again in the physical space at the well known space of the Adlon Hotel Kempinksi. Each year, this international business forum brings together forward-thinking and inspiring women leaders and influential women entrepreneurs from around the world to share their vision and experience on the market-moving trends of our time.

SCARLETRED Holding GmbH is a Vienna based MedTech Company revolutionizing Dermatology by a novel highly disruptive mobile skin imaging and analysis software with a unique focus on skin and telemedicine. The product Scarletred® vision is a CE approved medical device and enables objective remote skin monitoring and digital analysis of visual skin parameters (e.g. change of erythema, pigmentation, size and wound patterns,…) The multi award winning technology is equipped with a proprietary neuronal network which at the basis of our developed artificial intelligence algorithm can provide decision support in a number of skin related issues, such as for acute and chronic skin wounds. The digital product and service  is supplied worldwide via SaaS to Industry (Biopharma, Cosmetics, Medical), to Hospitals and Health Care Professionals including also use by the patient from at home. The business is currently in growth and expansion phase with offices located in Vienna (AUSTRIA) and CAMBRIDGE (USA).

EWMD Austria, where Kathrin Schnidar is a member of the Viennese Chapter, is proud to announce her keynote and share this success story. It proves, that spontaneous engagement by a senior EWMD member and transnational cooperation within EWMD’s international community works out well! In 2019 Kathrin Schnidar took part at the annual International Conference in Vienna. There she presented her company’s approach to EWMD members from more than 10 countries. Annette Albers, a senior member of EWMD Hamburg, attended the workshop presentation. She promised to promote the innovative technology and business concept to the next level – and succeeded.

Thus we proved again: We are all getting stronger and more successful, if we #meet, share and engage – which has been EWMD’s motto ever since.
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