An EWMD Story

Let us introduce Daniela Busà, the National Representative of EWMD Switzerland.

Born in Italy, close to the Austrian border, she started speaking her second language as she was 6 years old and she began traveling abroad on her own at age 16.

Since then, traveling and discovering led her around the world as an intellectually curious human being. She grew up and graduated in modern literature and foreign languages in Brescia and after that She moved for some periods of her life abroad.

Actually, it seems she is not stopping moving, as she moved three times in the last five years but in the same country, Switzerland.
After paying her dues, she achieved in 2003 the role of sales and marketing director, which over the years she has carried out for various Italian contract manufacturers specialized in plastic technologies. She could establish profitable relationships with international customers in the automotive, medical and pharmaceutical markets.
She founded in 2008 a manufacturing outsourcing services company for the industrial and medical sectors.

In 2015, she moved to Zurich to work with a company that commissioned her to open up the pharmaceutical market, specifically for the supply of plastic components and assemblies for medical devices.

Since 2020 Daniela Busà Consulting is her new baby as specialist for SMEs business development strategies and coaching of their sales teams embodying the motto “From contact to contracts”.

Daniela joined EWMD Brescia, Italy in 2017 as she’d like to start giving and sharing part of her life with a great group of human beings.

EWMD matches perfectly with her as a woman, a networker, an international oriented spirit, as a traveller and as a multicultural initiatives fan.

She moved to the EWMD Switzerland Zürich in 2019.

In March 2020 she was elected as National Representative of EWMD Switzerland.

We have asked her: why EWMD?

She has replied us:
EWMD represents my social commitment to others, it moves me away from selfishness and from the risk of egocentrism. I meet many talented women and men who are willing and ready to share their experiences, skills and knowledge. The most joyful moments are those spent together at our conferences and online during the many webinars offered by very experienced professionals and EWMD members.
The time spent with the members at EWMD are very precious, you can breathe advocacy, respect for others, desire to make our world better in its everyday life. Current and concrete problems are addressed and solutions are found.

We are there for each other. This is one of the main values I share with my friends at EWMD.

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