EWMD Salzburg: Ursula Spannberger and her new book, "Space Works"

Introducing EWMD  Salzburg, Austria member, Ursula Spannberger and her new book, Space Works

“Spaces and buildings should be both aesthetically pleasing, yet fulfill their functional purpose. This all has a great influence on our wellbeing and with this, our respective work, life and organization. Architect, mediator and EWMD Salzburg member (former Chapter  President), Ursula Spannberger, has developed the SPACE.VALUE method to determine these needs even before the planning of a new building or a modification. It should not be taken for granted that those planning and those using a space or building have a mutual language which suffices requirements of spaces.
Ursula Spannberger’s new book, “Raum wirkt” (Space Works - Ludwig publishing house), provides us with an excellent practical guide. Whether applied to office space, schools, living space or public buildings, the criteria catalogue of the new SPACE.VALUE method can be adopted  to all them all. It is aimed at experts and school children, administrators and their clients, people with mobility challenges and their care-takers, alike. Are you thinking of a new construction, conversion or reorganization or would you be interested in actually experiencing  SPACE.VALUE? Ursula Spannberger is going on tour with her book through the whole German speaking area and instead of a book reading,  she is offering practice-oriented mini-workshops. For all current dates and information or the booking of a mini-workshop, please subscribe to her newsletter www.raumwert.cc  
“I was really looking forward to the SPACE.VALUE workshop as I am very sensitive when it comes to being in diverse spaces. I may feel at ease in one space, but would not spend a second in another. I sometimes feel a constant conflict in some of the work spaces I have to work in. I was hoping to experience something in the workshop which would provide me with a way to connect these perceptions and show me how to work better with them. My wishes were completely fulfilled. With the help of SPACE.VALUE, I learnt how to understand my perceptions. Now, I can explain my experiences and feelings far better and know where to seek help when it is within my power to do so.  And this has expanded my own “power” as I can clearly label  and talk about the things which disturb me. I am very happy with these results and inspired by the method.”
Dorothée Pesch-Fendel - Organization Consultant