EWMD Story in New York

Paola Ligabue (EWMD Italy, Chapter Reggio-Modena and currently EWMD International Co-President) tells us her EWMD Story where she met the EWMD Member Tanuja Prasad in New York. This is also EWMD, a Network of connections and friendship! 

I was planning my work travel to New York, in July the Fancy Food Show was to be held, and I was supposed to go there and meet customers, but above all my NY business partner Donat Grosser, after quite a number of years, and Lawrence Sterner, an old-time friend.
I was going there with Romana, one of my employees, and Nadia, a dear friend of mine with whom in 2013 I had established the EWMD Reggio-Modena chapter, in Italy.
I was so thrilled, as I really love New York, and I was expecting to be everyday at the Exhibition and in the evening going around in nice restaurants and even some days devoted to shopping.
A few weeks before leaving, I thought that maybe some EWMD members or guests could be also in New York, and that maybe she could be interested in meeting me.
So, I accessed the website members’ directory and … surprise, there she was Tanuja Prasad, living exactly in NYC. So, I sent her an email, introducing myself, and explaining why and when I would have been in NYC.
She replied to me at once, confirming her interest in meeting me, a very nice email and a very nice person, as far as I could get from her words, and we decided to meet shortly after our arrival.
We met in Times Square, under a heavy rain (…. And it was July!!!!) and went to a nearby restaurant together. I hardly remember the food we had, but I surely remember the long talks and chats we had.
Tanuja is a really beautiful woman, of Indian origins, an IT specialist, a hard worker, and we really enjoyed that evening / dinner together, and since that moment Tanuja restarted to attend the international events, in many parts of Europe.
I am so happy I have her among my friends, and I thank EWMD for this occasion. The power of the network, the power of our network is really great, and I invite everyone to do the same when traveling around: take the time and have a look at our directory and find a member living in the country you’ll visit, a member you never met before, and share some of your time with her…. You’ll find a friend.

Paola Ligabue 

Tanuja Prasad