EWMD Italy goes to SPS: The Italian Fair For Industrial Automation

SPS Italia is the trade fair for intelligent, digital and sustainable industry, recognised as a reference point for the Italian manufacturing sector: the annual appointment to learn about new trends and discuss the most challenging topics in industrial automation. The fair will take place in Parma from 23 to 25 May 2023.
Special projects include this year's edition of SHE SPS, dedicated to enhancing the contribution of experience and knowledge of women involved in automation and technology for industry.
An annual project and award that is addressed to the entire SPS Italian network: women journalists, entrepreneurs, professors and, more generally, all women involved in automation and innovation, including the new generations, who will be able to bridge the gender gap in the future.
On 24 afternoon, at the SHE SPS Award ceremony, with EWMD we will discuss empowerment, social sustainability, inclusion and responsibility. A panel of female professionals, including Daniela Bandera, founder and past president of EWMD Italy, CEO of the research institute Nomesis, will explore issues related to cultural diversity, expectations and new cultural tools for business with the aim of supporting the growth of female skills.
A networking cocktail will follow.
For EWMD members there will be an ad hoc hospitality formula with free parking, coffee at the fair, and the possibility of using a lounge for networking and promoting association initiatives.