EWMD Learning Journey 2024: Northern Germany

Although our Learning Journey 2023 to Sicily has yet to take place (5-9 June) we are already working on preparations for the one in 2024! Learning Journeys are one of EWMD’s signature events, which makes EWMD so very different. For years, members of EWMD have been visiting other countries, connecting with local female managers and entrepreneurs and gaining new insights through learning about and experiencing the differences and the similarities to our own surroundings and lives. For 2024, we are organizing this with a slight difference… This time Germany, as the EWMD country with the most members, will invite all the other nationalities to come and see what distinguishes their nation from others and where we may face common challenges. We want to take a closer look into the meaning of “made in Germany” which also might change your point of view about our German friends, who may be perceived as being diligent, yet rather serious. You really will get to know just how beautiful and warm the cold North of Germany can be! As overall costs might be an issue, we are also going to offer home stays with EWMD Members in Hamburg besides the usual hotel options. The event will be in English. Please let us know, if you would be interested to join such Learning Journey to Hamburg/Lübeck from 3.-7 June 2024 by replying per mail to meissni1@outlook.de . Please also indicate if you would like to use the home stay option.