TIWS (Top Italian Women Scientists)


On the 17th of November, in Modena (Italy) EWMD Reggio Modena will organize the 5th TIWS Meeting.
The TIWS (Top Italian Women Scientists) are Italian researchers in the biomedical field whose works have gained more than 50 publications at International level, and they regularly meet every year, thanks to the cooperation with EWMD. The President of TIWS is Adriana Albini, also EWMD Italy’s Vice-president, a researcher in Oncology since decades, who worked in the US, Germany, many cities in Italy and is internationally renowned. This year’s topic will be “BENESSERE E LONGEVITÀ: STILE DI VITA, ALIMENTAZIONE, ATTIVITÀ FISICA" (WELL-BEING AND LONGEVITY: LIFESTYLE, NUTRITION, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY)
Before the conference with key-note speakers, an empowering workshop session for female students and young researchers is organized. In addition, for one hour the same students and young researchers will be able to meet the TIWS during 10’ one-to-one sessions, giving them advices and tips about their career and their future.
The event will be held in presence and in Italian, so any EWMD member present in Italy on that day is invited to join!
For further information, please refer to the website and program: www.tiws.it.