Celebrating 40 Years of Empowerment: EWMD's "She Did It" Special Anniversary Edition


As we approach the momentous occasion of EWMD's 40th anniversary in 2024, we are excited to announce a special edition of our EWMD Germany "She Did It" Podcast project to commemorate this milestone. We are calling on our dynamic and diverse community of women to participate in sharing their unique EWMD stories, creating a tapestry of experiences that reflect the rich history and vibrant spirit of our organization.


The Concept:

The special edition will consist of 10 sessions, starting in January and concluding in October, just in time for our 40th-anniversary conference. Each session will be a 30-minute episode, featuring a moderator and four extraordinary EWMD ladies who will share their personal journeys with the organization. The stories will be diverse, spanning age, profession, international management or corporate management roles, and encompass both new and longtime members.


Recording and Publishing Schedule:

Recordings are scheduled on Friday mornings around the 15th of the month, with episodes releasing on Fridays around the 25th. This rhythm will keep the excitement alive throughout the year as we hear from different voices within our community.


Storytelling Techniques:

We encourage participants to apply storytelling techniques in preparing their stories. This will add depth and resonance to each narrative, providing listeners with insights into the varied ways EWMD has impacted the lives of its members.


Multilingual Approach:

To truly embrace our international nature, sessions will alternate between languages, starting with a German session in January and followed by an English session in February. If there is sufficient interest and support, we hope to include an Italian session as well.


Your Participation:

We are counting on the enthusiasm and commitment of our members to make this project a resounding success. We believe that by showcasing 40 diverse stories, we can highlight the collective strength, resilience, and inspiration that EWMD has provided to women over the past four decades.


Call for Participants:

We invite all EWMD members to consider being part of this special edition. Whether you joined recently or have been with us from the beginning, your story is valuable. We especially need your support in finding the first four ladies for the inaugural session scheduled to be recorded on Friday, January 12th, 2024.

To express your interest or nominate a fellow member, get in touch! Let us come together to make this anniversary edition a celebration of the incredible women who have contributed to the success and impact of EWMD.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to EWMD!