Petra Horn

I am Petra, 53 years old, living in Linz, Austria.

Since 2009 I have the privilege to be an EWMD member in the strong and lively chapter of EWMD Linz. 

From the first encounter I felt welcomed by all these wonderful ladies. I was and I am looking forward to every monthly meeting.

After some years of membership it was time for me to take responsibility in the network and so I switched from being a normal member to a board member, as treasurer. And I intend to change the position in the new period as secretary.

EWMD is an international network and this was one of my major reasons to join in: meeting diverse women in different countries, getting an insight into their professional and sometimes private lives and learning from them.

These are my EWMD TOP 2 POINTS I would like to mention from the bottom of my heart:

  1. Due to the Coronavirus my business (I am the CEO of an event marketing agency) broke down. I always felt supported by my fellow members – but I will never forget the overwhelming words, phone calls and supporting mails I got during these hard times.
  2. The second special things about EWMD is, that I always felt and still feel the possibility to challenge myself in a safe environment: You can talk about your feelings, thoughts and problems concerning your business and it is possible to try innovations in this safe and highly professional environment.

As I am deeply convinced that women and men have equal opportunities in their professional and personal lives, it is our responsibility to showcase this approach and stand behind it. With concrete actions, too.

EWMD empowers us to stand up for what we believe in and gives us the space to do it together. 

Clara Paganini

Founder of THE CREW FOR YOU Eventmarketing, Linz, Austria

EWMD Chapter: Linz/Austria