EWMD e-Shop

Apr 9 2021
EWMD e-Shop is the new virtual shop for our little merchandising! Products are available in two EWM...

International Virtual EWMD Power Teams

Mar 25 2021
EWMD Power Teams has been a successful and proven EWMD offering for many years. Until recently, they...

CHANGE the date - Learning Journey Stockholm

Mar 24 2021
To all the EWMD Members who signed up for the trip to Stockholm: due to the continuing uncertain COV...

EWMD International Conference 2021

Mar 23 2021
Given the still uncertain circumstances and the difficulties we will face in the coming months, it h...

EWMD Italy: Digital Talks

Mar 11 2021
The digital talk EWMD ITALY, led by Laura Dalè and Tina Rusciano, is inspired by the experien...

#equalpanel Project EWMD Italy

Feb 5 2021
#equalpanel​ project was conceived by a team of EWMD Italy Members who decided to act in a clear a...

EWMD Society

Jan 19 2021
Promoting more women into Management positions is and has always been EWMD´s first and foremos...


Jan 15 2021
How can careers in the tech sector be more attractive for women? This was the topic for an event co-...

EWMD International Conference postponed

Jan 12 2021
Please save the new date: International Conference La Spezia from October 1st to October 3rd 2021!

EWMD Asia-Pacific: Belgian Business Women in Hong Kong

Dec 8 2020
After many months of webinars and life in Zoomland, participants enjoyed the atmosphere of a real n...

"EWMD Forum": New Chapter Official Announcement

Nov 10 2020
EWMD is proud to announce that a new Chapter has been founded this month! Check out the official ann...

#equalpanel project EWMD Italy

Oct 6 2020
The #equalpanel project was conceived and was strongly desired by a team of EWMD Italia's members: E...

EWMD Asia Pacific - Disrupting Global Work Lives

Sep 7 2020
The borderless, international lifestyle which many global professionals and their families have take...

EWMD Network with the initiative Young & Active

Sep 6 2020
"How can I combine work and family? How do I get my first leadership experience? What makes a g...

Connected Learning – EWMD Networkers Go AI

Sep 4 2020
In June 2019, two EWMD Members attended the UNESCO Meeting in Paris where they learned about a free...


Aug 6 2020
We are experiencing exceptional times: Covid-19 has changed our lives in the past few months and wil...

Gender Pay Gap – Transparency on Pay for Men and Women

May 11 2020
Let's take a chance to contribute to collect information, views and experiences on gender-based pay ...

EWMD International Conference postponed

Apr 30 2020
In these troubling times we have decided together that it will be best to postpone the International...

EWMD Lithuania promotes Young Social Leadership

Apr 3 2020
EWMD Lithuania plans to continue successful Young Social Leadership Project in 2020.

EWMD Italy in Solidarity with Health Sector

Apr 2 2020
Italian Chapters actively support professionals in the health sector.

Covid-19: United we stand, Divided we fall

Mar 25 2020
In view of the extraordinary global situation, EWMD International trusts in solidarity and connected...

EWMD meets Spain: Networking Events postponed

Mar 18 2020
In light of recent events, we have decided to postpone our EWMD meets Spain Networking Events. Pleas...

Inspiring EWMD International Delegation to Spain

Nov 25 2019
EWMD members visited Barcelona and Madrid from 18 to 22 November 2019 to get an insight into the bus...