Mentoring Program: Crack the Glass Ceiling

Registration has been closed as our group is full. If you are interested to be on the waitlist for the next edition, please contact our International Office at!

We all started our careers with the belief that something has changed. That the fights for equality are successfully fought and that there is no further need to worry about it. And then we work 10, 15 years. We give our best. But it still doesn’t seem to be enough. We get overlooked when upper management positions need to be filled. We get negotiated down when we talk about our salary. And suddenly the realization hits us: The glass ceiling is still a thing. And suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of an uphill battle for our personal career progression, societal change and overall self-confidence. More often than not we think we have to fight that fight alone.

That is not necessarily so. EWMD collects a lot of experienced and senior women who are willingly sharing their knowledge over webinars and the personal exchange already. Bringing these two subjects – the personal efforts for progress and the existing experience in our network – together in a systematic approach seems like the next logical step.

Born from these considerations we are happy to present to you the EWMD Mentoring Program! Starting in September 2022 we offer the frame for a 6 months intensive mentoring program where 1:1 Mentorings are combined with collaborative workshops.

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