Happy Holiday Season!

Another year is about to end and this season usually leads to a sort of review of the past months.

The year 2021 has not been easy for many of us. We had hoped to move on from the pandemic, but that has not been the case.

Although we are well aware of the situation, we still have to look to the future and to the new year with hope and optimism.

A lot of positive things have happened and showed us that difficult times also serve to open up new worlds and new chances, which is the essence of EWMD: together we manage to turn challenges into opportunities, look beyond the limits, discover new ways of shaping our society and our economy.

All of us EWMD members can be extremely proud of the energy of the Chapters and associates we have observed over the past year. The difficulties posed by the pandemic have not stopped the projects, initiatives and spirit of the Network. Hundreds of events were held throughout the year: virtual, hybrid, in-person. Many initiatives were launched by National Chapters addressing gender equality from different perspectives: from finance to sustainability, from technology to soft skills development.


At the international level there has been a lot of focus on supporting projects such as the Virtual Power Team, the Mastermind Group, the Mentoring Project, the International Conference, collaboration with other international gender associations and the ambitious advocacy project “Brussels Declaration” to be presented to European institutions.


The International Board met just a few weeks ago in Barcelona – first time in person since 2019 - and there was a wonderful synergy between the National Representatives, the Management Board and the Directors. This is because one of the pillars of EWMD is internationality: working and growing together to achieve a collective leadership that allows us to really change the future. This can only happen if we always take into account our differences but keep in mind our common vision and scope.


The coming year does not frighten us; on the contrary, we can look forward to the new challenges and adventures it will bring, because let's remember: divided we fall, but together we stand! The Network is there, and it will never leave us alone, not even when facing the major changes of the present.


Happy holiday season to all and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!


Your EWMD International Management Board

Paola Ligabue, Nadine Nembach, Birgitt Wodon-Lauboeck 



P.S., we also take the chance to remind you that our EWMD International Office will be closed from December 21st until December 31st included. We will be back into full capacity from January 3rd.